Friday, July 12, 2013

Lady Gaga's #ARTPOP Release Details (UPDATED)

     Rumors surfaced Thursday evening (7/12) that Lady Gaga had a secret album listening party for ARTPOP, the long-awaited sequel to 2011's "Born This Way".  After announcing the album title last year, a number of tour related injuries that caused the Born This Way Ball tour to be canceled were speculated to be the cause of the album's delay as well. Along with the rumors comes a few tentative dates that are interesting to see. The first is 8/19, which is supposedly when a single will be released. A video follows on 9/1, and finally the album will be released in November. These are all just rumors of course, but considering how close the time-span between the announcement of a project and it's actual release date are nowadays, it's possible. And likely. This info comes days after Lady Gaga shut down her Twitter account. Adding fuel to fire, supposed promotional images were also released. Check it out for yourself below.

     [UPDATE] Sure enough, the rumors proved to be true! Mere minutes after this was published, Lady Gaga announced her the project and confirmed the dates on the social network established for her fans, A new application will apparently be launching soon that will cultivate multiple art forms and make them interactive. The project is described as a "rage of electronic passion". Check out the full announcement below!