Saturday, July 20, 2013

Movie Snippets: Top Songs from Disney's New Hit

     Last night (7/19), Disney debuted what they were expecting to be their next big Disney Channel hit. Guess what? They got their wish. "Teen Beach Movie", a film that shows reverence for a 50 year old forgotten genre by throwing it's main characters in the midst of a beach party movie, was a hit for the channel. They got a 1.5 rating for Friday night, which was better than all of the major networks did during prime time. That's big. In fact, the movie debuted to 8.4 million viewers, making it the 3 biggest television movie event (behind Disney's own "High School Musical 2" and "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie"). The musical's success certainly was influenced by High School Musical's success, as viewers expected this to be the cable network's next major franchise as well.

     As a shameless fan of the High School Musical series, I must admit that "Teen Beach Movie" provided the same kind of guilty-pleasure entertainment that made HSM so enjoyable. While some of the music from the tele-pic kind of generically blurred together, there were a few standout songs from the film. Listen to my personal favorites below.

"Falling for Ya" - Teen Beach Movie Cast

"Can't Stop Singing" - Teen Beach Movie Cast