Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urban Music Stars React to Zimmerman's "Not Guilty" Verdict [Updated]

     Tensions rose all over the country Saturday evening as the infamous Trayvon Martin case came to a close. The case against George Zimmerman struck a chord with people of all ethnicity, as a sort of commentary on racism in modern day America. Zimmerman was found "NOT GUILTY", and the widespread reaction was immediate on forms of social media. From Solange Knowles to Questlove, find out below what your favorite urban artists had to say about the verdict.

Questlove had multiple thoughts he wished to vocalize, but mainly his aim was to bash rioting and keep the focus on the Martin family. recalled some lyrics from a decade-old Black Eyed Peas song, "Where is The Love?"

Solange Knowles suggested a peaceful alternative to the social media buzz about rioting that quickly followed the announcement of the verdict.

Rapper Lil Wayne was performing in Tampa while the verdict was being announced, but came back to find news of it on his tour bus.  He shared a bit of hope that he had for his children in the future.

Nicki Minaj expressed her own disappointment with verdict, reminding her followers that their taxes paid for the trial.

Miley Cyrus kept it simple, but impactful with her tweet. "The world is a scary place."

Eve took to Facebook to phrase her thoughts more artistically in what seems to be a rap, writing in all caps, "HE GUILTY". 

Russell Simmons reminded his followers that the importance of the trial goes beyond race.
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