Thursday, July 18, 2013

Timbaland & Keri Hilson Say "Sorry" to Music's Biggest Couple

     With the release of Jay-Z's "Magna Carter Holy Grail", Jay-Z has been opting for an intimate kind of promotion for the album via black and white videos that  show much of the production of the album. The black and white videos have been showing up online as well as on television, in accordance with deal-partner Samsung's advertising. RevoltTV recently got an exclusive interview with Timbaland and Jay-Z  in the style of these videos, and the subject of the new video was the falling out between the two. "Magna Carter Holy Grail" symbolizes the first time that the pair has worked together in several years.

     "I was wrong," claims an extremely honest Timbaland. The apology doesn't end there. According to the Urban music mega producer/artist, he finished a song titled, "Sorry", as a way to apologize for the falling out. Also surprising is that frequent Timbaland collaborator Keri Hilson is apparently on the track. Timbaland claims that Keri is apologizing to Beyonce for what seemed like a "diss" years ago at the onset of Keri's career.

      In the competitive, male-dominated world of hip hop, there's plenty of feuds to go around. It's refreshing to hear a grown man and respected artist say he's sorry with such sincerity.  It's nice to know that the artists which make up the elite in Hip Hop continue to set examples for the game. Watch the video for yourself below. Think it's genuine?