Friday, January 1, 2016

Top 10 Songs of 2015

After a great 12 months of music, 2015 has come to a close. To celebrate, here's the top ten best songs of the year in no particular order. Enjoy more after the jump...

  1. All My Friends - Snakehips feat. Tinashe, Chance the Rapper
British production duo Snakehips brought us this gem late into the year. With a mellow ambiance and silky vocals from Tinashe, this banger demanded to be sung-along-to with its anthemic chorus. Raise a glass to Snakehips for making loneliness sound like a good time. This song hasn't broken the Hot 100 quite yet, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't at the top of your playlist.

These trippy visuals are appropriately mesmerizing...but where's Chance?!

  1. One Man Can Change the World - Big Sean feat. Kanye West, John Legend
2015’s Dark Sky Paradise proved to be Big Sean’s most mature album yet on subject-matter alone. A prime example of this developed maturity is “One Man Can Change the World”, a soulful call for motivation. The song hits an especially emotional point for the album, with a recording of his late grandmother closing out the track. I’m sure she’d be proud to know that the song is nominated for a Grammy this upcoming year.

  1. Hey Mama - David Guetta feat. Afrojack, Nicki Minaj
While Nicki Minaj’s main pop effort from the The Pinkprint  did not succeed in the tradition of “Starships” and “Super Bass”, the rapper did find pop success this summer with superstar DJ David Guetta. The duo’s follow up to 2011’s ‘Turn Me On” smashed it’s way through radio charts with a Mad Max inspired video to follow.

Nicki's signature pink wig deserves a cameo credit all it's own.

  1. You’re So Beautiful - Empire Cast
Arguably the most groundbreaking show of 2015, Empire brought viewers in ground-breaking numbers week by week. So by the time Jamal, one of Empire’s main characters, came out to the world, he did so with a bona-fide hit. This jam is considered by many to be the most popular song to come from the Empire soundtrack (which outranked Madonna’s last LP). “You’re So Beautiful” even enjoyed more air time when played during Taraji P. Henson’s Golden Globe win. In reality, we’re all winning when we tune in for this music drama.

Way more entertaining than most of those YouTube "coming out" videos.

  1. This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd
In the past two years, we’ve seen this rap duo blow up thanks to their music that’s 70% high energy and 30% pop hooks. After touring with Young Money’s elite (Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj), these rappers are set to return with a new LP in 2016. Not that they ever left, though. Smashes like “This Could Be Us” prove why these boys have a winning formula on their hands.

  1. Can’t Feel My Face - The Weekend
Before “The Hills” made reached the top of the Billboard chart, The Weekend found long-awaited mainstream success with this hit. Proving his R&B sensibilities paired with a Michael Jackson-esque voice could conquer the music world and music charts in one fell swoop.

  1. Yoga - Janelle Monae feat Jidenna
2015 was the year that Janelle put her music label, Wondaland Records, on the map. Artist Jidenna enjoyed commercial success with his hit “Classic Man”. However, this overlooked jam introduced us to the Wondaland Records chemistry in early 2015. Seriously though, is any line more memorable than “You cannot police me so get off my areola…”?!

Ms. Monae's yoga classes are now in session.

  1. Here - Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara made a name for herself towards the end of 2015 with this soulful, introspective song that relates to anyone who’s ever been to an overrated house party (aka most of us). Ms. Cara’s vocals haunt this mellow track with a maturity beyond her years. Here’s to seeing more of her in 2016.

  1. BBHMM - Rihanna
Yes, the wait for “Anti” has been seemingly endless. But at least the path there has brought us this banger. Rihanna’s raspy voice demands us to pay her back, and we all love it. Whether in the club or in your car, this song demanded to be turned ALL the way up. Bonus points for the video, which gave the unforgettable visuals of Rihanna as a killer getting her revenge on a former employee. We have your money, Rih. Just release “Anti” in exchange for it.

We'll think twice before borrowing next time.

  1. I Don’t F*ck With You - Big Sean feat. E-40

Big Sean’s anthem to haters and exes everywhere was religiously shouted throughout 2015, and rightfully so. The song went on to become a highlight of the summer as well as a crash course in pettiness for the modern day broken heart. Sean claims this song was NOT written about his ex Naya Rivera, who famously kept the couple’s wedding date...with a new man. Sure, Sean. Sure.

Big Sean channels some of that anger into sports...good call.